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Each experiments is composed of several force volume files. OpenFovea permits you to organise your work as experiments by loading all the force-volume files as a single one.

The first time you load your experiment, you have to point to the folder where your files have been stored. When you save the result of your analyse, OpenFovea stores all the files and their related informations as a single file named .aex (Afm Eperiment Xml). This file also contains your notes and remarks.


Create a new experiment

To start processing a new experiment, go to the “File” menu and select “New”. You will be prompted to select the folder where your FV files are located. Click “OK” and wait for loading. Please be aware that in the case of asylum files, OpenFovea computes a smoothed curve because of the very high number of points it contains, so keep your original data. In any case, we recommend to keep a copy of your original data.


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