Slicing imagesΒΆ

After a stiffness analysis, you can display its zero force image (i.e. topography) and its stiffness distribution.

It is also possible to display the profile of the images (zero force, indice of point of contact or piezo height image) along a line. A “right click” on the image defines the first point of the path, and a “right click” sets the last point of the path. The path will be displayed as a white line on the corresponding image.


A new window will than appears. It displays the profile of the images composing the experiment, as indicated in the graph.


The left part of the window displays the profile. The right part contains some informations about the profiles. To display this informations, “left click” twice on the graph and then grab the cursor that appears. Informations about the coordinates (start and end points) as well as the horizontal and vertical distance between these two points will be displayed.


To erase a profile, “right click” on it to make it disappear. An additional “right click” at the same spot will make it reappear.

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