Feature MatrixΒΆ

Here is the feature matrix

Microscope Type Status
Nanoscope (Brucker) Done (raw files)
JPK Done (NanoWizard2 : map.txt, NanoWizard3 : qi and force-map raw files)
Asylum Done (raw files)
Park system In Progress
Detection of unbinding force. Status
Automatic detection. Done
Adjustable sensitivity. Done
Display of each unbinding event on its FD-curve. Done
Unbinding event filtering according to distance. Done
Relative stiffness of the spot where the unbinding event has been detected (comparison with the neigbouring pixels). Done
Mechanical properties. Status
Automatic computation of Young’s modulus. Done
Detection of point of contact (PoC). Done
Parametrable PoC detection sensitivity. Done
Parametrable length of fitted curve portion for PoC detection. Done
Parametrable Poisson ratio. Done
Parametrable model (sphere, cone). Done
Parametrable tip properties (radius, semi-opening angle). Done
Parametrable number and size of slice. Done
Stiffness tomography. Done
Diplay of results Status
Histograms of unbinding-event properties (force, loading rate, unbinding distance). Done
Histograms of mechanical properties (all pixels, pixels with unbinding events, pixels without unbinding events). Done
Group managment (with labelling). Done
Time-lapse imaging of unbinding event number per FV-file. Done
Mean stiffness tomography. Done
Map display. Status
Piezo height. Done
Zero-force image (piezo height corrected with PoC). Done
Two-dimensional stiffness slice. Done
Unbinding event position (grey scale corresponds to the number of events or event force). Done
Stiffness tomography (projection or OpenGL). Done
Mosaic. All files displayed in one figure. Done
Export of results. Status
Event properties (force, loading rate, distance) (csv file). Done
Number of events per curve (csv file). Done
Stiffness (csv file). Done
Force curve (csv file). Done
Mean stiffness tomography (csv file). Done
Maps (event location, stiffness, topography) (png file). Done
Miscellaneous Functions. Status
Application of mask to the data. Done
Grouping of different FV-files. Done
Labelling and selective display of groups Done

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